Google estimates internet at about 5 million terabytes of data. Which is 5 billion gigabytes or 5 trillion megabytes.

The human body could hold an estimated 1 to 10 terabytes. Using an estimate of 5 terabytes per brain, it would take a million human brains to store the internet.

212 DVDs can hold one terabye, so more than 1 billion could hold the internet.

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Webspace: 1000 MBs
Bandwidth: 5000 MBs
Domains Allowed: 1
FTP Accounts: 1
MySQL Database: No
Email Accounts: 5
Free Domains: No
Price: 5750 Afs per year

Webspace: 5000 MBs
Bandwidth: 50 GBs
Domains Allowed: 5
FTP Accounts: 1
MySQL Database: 1
Email Accounts: 10
Free Domains: No
Price: 8750 Afs per year

Webspace: Unlimited
Bandwidth: Unlimited
Domains Allowed: Unlimited
FTP Accounts: Unlimited
MySQL Database: Unlimited
Email Accounts: 50
Free Domains: 1
Price: 16000 Afs per year


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