"We found the Wibe team to be very professional with hands on approach towards their customers. Their knowledge and advice were invaluable to us in achieving the perfect website for our company. All the best."

Toryalai Safi

Blue Line Travels

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How We Work

We've developed a comprehensive approach to providing IT services for our clients. Its thoroughness helps us achieve a high quality of work, but it's also flexible enough for us to treat each customer and their specific requirements individually. This is the typical sequence of events:-

- Often after an initial chat on the phone, the starting point of our development process is for the client to complete our requirements document (you can download it here ). We often work with our clients at a very early stage to analyse their practical business needs and help them produce their project requirements.

-Then we assess how much design and development effort would be required and calculate the likely project costs.

- A little further discussion usually follows before we produce a "mini proposal" outlining what we would deliver, the project schedule, and the project cost.

- Then, when our client gives the go-ahead, we'll produce a full, detailed proposal, a contract and an initial invoice.

- At that point we set up a private project management website that holds comprehensive records & documentation for each client. This is used to steer the project and makes sure that everything stays on course and that nothing gets overlooked.

- Throughout the design and development processes we like to keep in close touch with our clients and we hold regular project reviews. Clients review our work on their project as it's being developed, and we always ask for frequent feedback.

- Once development is complete we thoroughly test the new project  together with our client. Then we go through the implementation process and launch the new project.

- After the project has implemented, we stay in close touch with our client to monitor their new project to ensure everything is going well.