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Open Source Technologies

Smart Wibe Technologies holds technical expertise in the following open source technologies:



Joomla, an award winning content management system has become widely used open source CMS for building websites and web applications. Joomla makes it very easy for the end users to keep the content updated on the website using very basic skills. Whether you want a basic website or a complex website, Joomla can be an ideal CMS for both. Using Joomla CMS, the end user can add new pages, create newsletters, create portfolio, import and export RSS feeds, and maintain content easily.


Magento, an open source ecommerce platform, is designed to meet the unique marketing requirements of different online shopping businesses. It has a modular architecture that gives online merchants more control and facilitates business workflow. Magento is developed on Zend framework which gives tremendous customization possibilities and provides flexibility over the look, content, and functionality of your online store. Additionally, the search engine optimization (SEO) capability of Magento is exceptional. The ecommerce platform itself has seo-friendly and seo-optimized properties as a part of its core built up.


Wordpress is an Open Source application primarily used for blog publishing and content management. However, its functionality is not limited to just that. You can use it to develop, customize and manage website according to client requirements. Easy architecture, custom templates, and user-friendly plug in modules make content management on your website, faster and more efficient. Additionally, a wide user base over 200 million users makes website development using Wordpress even more compelling.


Drupal is an open source Content Management System (CMS) used for managing corporate websites, online store fronts, online product catalogues, social networking websites and a lot more. The technology helps you create a web environment that facilitates the management of your internet presence. The program, written in PHP language, is especially recommended for projects with a high volume and a greater level of complexity. It empowers the system administrators to develop and organize content, customize web presentation, and automate administrative tasks.

Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails (RoR), a free open source web development framework, supports the development of rapid, robust and dynamic web applications. RoR is written in the Ruby language and runs on MVC (Model View Controller) architecture facilitating the management of the application.

Sugar CRM

Customer relationship management is a strategy to manage a company's interactions and relations with clients and sales prospects. SugarCRM is one of the most praised commercial open source customer relationship management software applications. This easy to use software can run on both internet and intranet. It is known for its ability to be easily adapted to all types of business environments.


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